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Re-visiting MH 370

It's almost 18 months since we mysteriously lost MH 370. Unlike MH 17, its disappearance remains unexplained but highly speculated, its whereabouts unknown though it's suspected to be somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.

There have been many theories (not facts) on MH 370's disappearance, with one of the most flamboyant ones from Mahathir. He suspected US complicity in its loss. I too have contributed a couple.

But the most notorious or recurring rumour has been the deliberate suicide flight of its captain, Azaharie Ahmad Shah.

Westerners especially Americans and Aussies like to believe a Muslim pilot is prone to such suicide flight, though they somehow remain very quiet about Lufthansa-owned Germanwings Flight 9525, an Airbus 320-211, which was deliberately crashed by its co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, a German caucasian. He killed 144 passengers, 4 crew members, the pilot and himself.

There have been several other cases of suicide flights by pilots, including one allegedly blamed on a Sing (Chinese) pilot some years ago, but most like to blame a Muslim pilot.

As mentioned above, I have written quite a few posts on MH 370 and I have to admit I'm still speculating about its crash location at best. However, I place my trust in the investigation of the Australian Transport SAfety Board (ATSB).

Recently an Australian retired pilot came out to support previous allegations that Captain Azaharie committed suicide but no evidence was offered by him as to why there had been total communication silence from the final flight, when there existed hundreds of mobile phones of passengers and cabin crew on board.

Australian media was naturally quick off the mark after the crash, coming up with salacious stores about his copilot - that's their carma.

with Aussie-trained daughter 

In fact, many disconnected pieces of evidence showed the ATSB and its counterparts from other nations are still correct in their ongoing investigation. This has been in contrast to the wild sensational speculations by so-called 'experts' who offered merely speculations.

One of the most moronic speculations on Andreas Lubitz's suicide flight had been his practice of descents. Huh? Descent practice?

Ask any pilots on the stupidity of such speculations. Then those so-called 'experts claimed Lubitz's girlfriend was pregnant, and the list of moronic speculations went on.

Many theories have been offered for Azaharie's so-called suicide, including:

would such a person commit suicide?

(a) He was a supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, in fact personally related to him but disowned by Wan Azizah at time of the flight disappearance, and was said to be extremely depressed by Anwar's imprisonment, made known to him just prior to his flight, yet no one explained why he had allegedly practised flying into the southern Indian Ocean for weeks prior to Anwar's incarceration.

Would any Anwaristas commit suicide for the imprisonment of Anwar? Hmm, no answer?

(b) He and his wife had divorced two weeks before his suicide, yet like above, he allegedly practised flying into the southern Indian Ocean for weeks prior to his divorce.

Obviously Boeing obviously has an avid interest in the matter as it had been their aircraft that was MH 370. If ATSB investigations can prove (not speculate) that it had been structural or some part of the aircraft that failed, leading to the mysteriously diversion and loss, Boeing's liability will be tremendous.

OTOH, if it can be proven Captain Azaharie had indeed committed suicide, MAS liability will be equally enormous.

would such a person commit suicide?

Anyway, a report by the UK's Weekday showed:
Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 plummeted out of the sky at speeds of up to 20,000ft a minute, according to new analysis of the plane's automated signals.

Defence scientists believe the aircraft ran out of fuel and the two engines flamed out within 15 minutes of one another, causing the plane to lose lift.

At this point, its nose would have dropped and it would have fallen in a series of downward swoops, reports The Australian, which was briefed on the analysis.

"As it gathered speed, it would have gained lift and climbed again. As that speed fell off, its nose would have dropped rapidly once more, the aircraft falling into another steep dive," says the newspaper. "That process is likely to have been repeated until it hit the water, probably with one wing down. The impact would have been catastrophic."

The discovery of wreckage from the flight over the past year suggests that it broke up on impact.

Greg Hood 
(I know of him - he's a good bloke), the chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is leading the search, said the new data suggests there was no pilot at the controls at the end of the flight. This is contrary to another theory that a pilot might have crashed the plane outside the current search area.

The analysis, which includes extensive testing by Boeing, indicates that the plane descended at a rate of between 12,000ft a minute and 20,000ft a minute, much faster than a normal landing of around 2,000ft a minute.

Maybe we will never ever know what happen except to continue speculating. Maybe we will just cling on to Mahathir's theory about USA complicity. Maybe Raja Bomoh can tell us via his coconut-bullshit.

It's somewhere - see where the coconuts drift to

But al Fatihah, Azaharie Ahmad Shah.

RIP to all those on board.

On the camel's back?

The worst in this and that abound all over the world - you have the Raspberry Awards (Razzies) for the worst in films and the worst (0%) in 'something' by Rotten Tomatoes.

But in Malaysia we have the 'Aiyoh Wat Lah' awards, this year running into its 5th session. FMT informs us that:

Inaugurated in 2012, the ‘Aiyoh Wat Lah!’ Awards is an annual awards ceremony doubling as a public education tool, used to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of misogyny, sexism, homophobia and transphobia in the country and to demand higher standards of discourse from public figures and institutions.

The award has seven categories including awards for Foot in Mouth, Insulting Intelligence, Cannot Ignore, Policy Fail, Enough Already, Least Helpful to the Sisterhood, and Right on Track. [...]

Organised by the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG
*) and the Gender Equality Initiative (GEI), the purpose of the awards is to hold public officials accountable for the statements they make or the actions they take.

* JAG is made up of the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Association of Women Lawyers (AWL), Perak Women For Women (PWW), Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER), Sabah Women’s Action Resource Group (SAWO), Sisters In Islam (SIS), Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) and Women’s Centre For Change (WCC).

Well, this year's winners are (wakakaka):

(a) 'Foot in Mouth' category went to the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) with its Billion-ringgit per year budget, for distributing flyers in February last year titled “10 myths about homosexuality”. The flyer made all kinds of unsubstantiated claims about gay people including that they were less likely to be faithful to their partner.

(b) 'Insulting Intelligence' went to Chinese-hater & Blame-woman (Raja Sherina) Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria for his statement in April last year that wives must consent when their husbands demanded sex even if “they are riding on the back of a camel.”

it is forbidden NOT to let your husbands bonk you on the back of a camel, but preferably on a dromedary as it's from Arabia, and not a bactrian as it's from hated China

But the couple will slip down from a dromedary's back, whereas the Chinese bactrian has a second hump to stop your sliding

Dei, when you're really syiok you'll grab the dromedary's hair on its back in your syiokness lah, so that will stop any sliding

(c) 'Cannot Ignore' went to the inaction of the police when BFM journalist Aisyah Tajuddin and G25 spokesperson Noor Farida Ariffin were threatened in December last year with rape and physical violence including death, but who ended-up being investigated by the authorities instead for allegedly mocking Islam.

(d) 'Least Helpful to the Sisterhood' went to former de facto (deposed by Najib) Law Minister Nancy Shukri, who in June last year said that the provision with regard to Section 375 of the Penal Code states that intercourse between a legally married couple continues to remain in force and cannot be considered as rape.

(e) 'Enough Already' went to Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) for a Friday sermon made in February last year where it said: “Which house would robbers love and break into? Surely house B because it was exposed and made it easy for external elements to intrude. Therefore, that was a simple analogy for women who cover up their aurat.”

(f) 'Policy Fail' went to the Court of Appeal for their judgement in May last year to acquit a 60-year-old man of raping a 15-year-old teen because he claimed to have used a finger tainted with his semen to penetrate her.

and the only good one:

'Right on Track' went to Batu Kawan (DAP) MP sweetie Kasthuri Patto who said in November last year that “when MPs stop judging and blaming women for their attire, only then will women be taken seriously as innocent victims of immoral, indecent, obscene advances by people who look through judgmental, sexist lenses.”

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Cari pasal? Cari kerja?

Bernama informs us that Jamil Khir, Minister in the PM's Department (meaning the PM couldn't find a portfolio for him, wakakaka) said the authorities had arrested a 43-year-old man who claimed to be 'Jesus' and had taken his statements.

Yehoshua ben Yosef
(or in Greek, Jesus)
(or in English, Joshua) 

Yehoshua's Chinese brother Hong Xiuquan
(1 January 1814 – 1 June 1864)

He was a Hakka who launched China's biggest civil war, the Taiping Rebellion, which saw 
about 20–30 million civilians and soldiers killed

Why arrest him? What for?

That Jesus bloke that the Malaysian police has just arrested could well be Yehoshua's Malay, Indonesian, Kadazan, Iban or Mamak brother.

In San Francisco I've seen Moses, Jesus, King David, his son Solomon and even God as well as the 12 tribes of Israel walking up and down the street, wakakaka. They were dark, or even darker, in their complexion as Yehoshua in image above, and strangely, not at all like the blonde figure below.

Despite the Bible coming to life in 'Frisco, no one gave a damn and affairs went on normally.

In Malaysia? Cari pasal? Cari kerja?

Mungkin Muslim akan jadi bingung (confused)?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Malaysian Senate 'unrepresentative swill'?

FMT - Think tank calls for Senate reforms

PETALING JAYA: A think tank has suggested reforms for Dewan Negara to make it effective as a guardian of democracy.

“Dewan Negara should have the powers to debate bills and challenge the decisions of the Dewan Rakyat. It should not be a mere rubber stamp,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas), Wan Saiful Wan Jan.

He also said senators should ideally be elected by the people or appointed for their expertise.

He was commenting on the outcry over the National Security Council Act, which has come into force without the Yang diPertuan Agong’s assent.

Without going into itsy bitsy teeny weeny details, during Dr Mahathir's tenure as PM, under his dictatorship the Senate was changed through constitutional amendments - possible when the government has a two-thirds majority - from one which ensured the states and minorities could check and challenge the federal government's legislation which might not be in their states' and/or minorities' favour (which Wan Saiful Wan Jan is recommending above) into one which is controlled by the federal government or to wit, Mahathir himself.

And in that change, the Senate lost its raison d'ĂȘtre, its ability to check & balance legislations passed by the Dewan Rakyat that have been unfair to minorities or the states or even the rakyat.

The Senate previously had more states-appointed senators than the King's (but in reality the PM's) appointed ones, but the majority has now gone the other way.

The King's (PM's) or federally appointed senators, having been increased through constitutional amendments from 16 to now 40, could easily overrule the states' and territories' maximum of 30 even if the impossibility exists of all 30 states-appointed senators being from non-UMNO parties.

Mohamed Suffian Mohamed Hashim 

Mohamed Suffian Mohamed Hashim, former Lord President of the Federal Court, said that the amendments acted "contrary to the spirit of the original constitution which established the Dewan Negara specially as a body to protect in the federal Parliament, state interests against federal encroachments" and which our dear Wan Saiful Wan Jan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas), has just criticised.

So what's new in Mahathir's Malaysia Boleh, which of course Ah Jib Gor has benefitted from.

It was just another obscene molestation by Mahathir of the already much mutilated federal Constitution.

The late Bhai Karpal was so incensed by Mahathir's mutilation of the Senate, and Najib's (including his PM predecessors') misuse of this convenient 'back door' to the cabinet that he )our late Bhai) proposed for the abolishment of the useless legislative institution, a sort of good-for0-nothing institution, which alas, it has been since Mahathir laid his grubby hands on it (through his then overwhelming 2/3 parliamentary strength, which BTW you gave to him - 'you' because I had voted DAP, wakakaka).

Mind, I don't agree with my Bhai hero as I think that his proposal was way too drastic.

At that time (May 2013), Gobind Rudra, a former editor of a newspaper wrote: DAP chairman Karpal Singh has gone overboard in asking for the Senate to be abolished. He’s throwing out the baby with the dirty bath water out of anger and disgust with the way that Umno-BN use the Senate for appointments to the cabinet.

I agree with Gobind Rudra's take on only that but most certainly NOT his other points in his article in the May 2013 FMT's Reform the Senate, not abolish it. I'll come back to Gobind later.

So as you can see, Wan Saiful Wan Jan's recommendations to reform the Senate is not new. It came up 3 years ago.

Needless to say, at that time when the late Bhai Karpal called for the Dewan Senate to be abolished, DAP's former VP and current foe, wakakaka, YM Tunku Aziz, disputed Bhai's call, stating that "... the Senate would unearth and develop more political and administrative talents for the good of the country",

But alas, my dear YM, that's not the purpose of the Senate, to 'unearth and develop talents', though I grudgingly grant there could be serendipitous side effects.

However, Tunku has been correct in saying the "Senate would give the government an opportunity to use a much bigger pool of talents to administer the country", though the only 'talent' the government had ever recruited via the Senate into the cabinet was King Guz, better known as the late Tun Ghazali Shafie, another of my 'heroes'.

In Tunku and Tun Razak's days, Ghazalie Shafie was a superb (probably the best ever) civil servant, and it wasn't surprising the 2nd PM brought this 'talent' into the cabinet via the Senate. His fortune took a tumble after Mahathir became PM, probably another 'victim' of Mahathir's Minus touch.

But I couldn't name 'back door' candidates for the cabinet, people like Koh TK and Waythamoorthy, etc, as 'talent' but more as 'mandores'.

Besides, Koh TK was resoundingly rejected by the Penang people. In the 2008 general election he was thrashed kau kau in Batu Kawan (56% Chinese-dominated constituency) by DAP's Ramasamy Palanisamy by nearly 10,000 votes majority. Yet Najib made him a senator-minister, ignoring that the people did NOT want him.

Senate appointment to the cabinet should NOT take on rejected election candidates but only people of the standard of Tun Ghazali Shafie, an exceptional civil servant converted expeditiously through the Senate into a working cabinet minister, or perhaps an exceptional captain of industry or a technological expertise.

Another senator, though wakakaka we cannot describe him as a Senate 'back-door' product* because he was NOT in the Malaysian cabinet (yet anyway), has been Senator Jaspal Singh, who is the MIC treasurer-general. Then he wrote a letter to Malaysiakini about the call by his 'countryman'** to abolish the Dewan Senate.

* while being nominated to the Senate is a constitutionally legal process and a singular honour, taking a senator into the cabinet particularly one already rejected resoundingly by the voters, people like Koh TK and Shahrizat etc, or one who is hardly a representative of a minority group, like Waythamoorthy, have been insults to the rakyat.

** if you're a Sikh, you'll know the flippant and humorous reference to 'countrymen', wakakaka.

Jaspal Singh's letter to Malaysiakini titled Karpal's pitch to abolish senate ill-considered has only one good point for us to share, while the rest of his letter consists of attacks against Karpal and DAP, which was okay since Jaspal is from MIC, wakakaka - now, surely you don't expect him to praise Karpal or DAP, do you?

Jaspal wrote in his opening paragraphs:

The Dewan Negara plays a critical role in Malaysia’s democracy. It reviews laws passed by the raucous lower house. It allows minorities, like the Orang Asli, or for that matter, Sikhs, to have a voice in the legislative.

It also ensures representation for states. Senators comprise individuals of worth and if Karpal finds some of them unsuitable, his personal views cannot be confused for widely-held public opinion.

I might have some questions on his claim that 'senators comprise individuals of worth' wakakaka, but I would grant he had been partially right, considering that not all senators have been cast-aside & recycled rubbish.

However, Jaspal Singh failed to put his above statement, though correct, in full context, and I suppose I couldn't blame him because I didn't expect him to criticize Dr Mahathir for messing up the Senate as he (Dr Mahathir) had messed up most things he laid his hands on.

What would be this 'full context' I've just mentioned

As mentioned above, Mahathir altered the composition of the Senate from one which ensured the states and minorities could check and challenge the federal government's legislation which might not be in their favour (previously 30 senators as opposed to federal appointed 16) into one which is controlled by the federal government  (now 30 senators as opposed to federal appointed 40).

Again, as mentioned above, the Senate thus lost its raison d'ĂȘtre, its ability to check & balance legislations passed by the Dewan Rakyat that were deemed as unfair to minorities or the states.

And that's the 'full context' within which Jaspal Singh should have made his comments on the Senate, namely, that it is now one that can no longer protect the interests of minorities or the states, but just a rubber-stamping factory for the federal cabinet's legislations and a 'back door' avenue for the PM to reward failed and rejected politicians like Koh, Shahrizat, etc.

Jaspal Singh should appreciate why his 'countryman' the late Bhai Karpal was so outraged by the 'unrepresentative swill'* that is the Dewan Senate today.

* the term 'unrepresentative swill' was first used by former Australian PM Paul Keating to describe the Australian Senate, though his words carried a different meaning to the one I have for the Malaysian Senate, where mine indicates that Malaysian senators have not been directly voted into office by the rakyat.

Mahathir was not unlike the fabled King Midas, though of a version which changed everything he touched into disaster (instead of gold). I had previously named him King Minus (not Midas).

Do we recall someone had once cried in equal despair at the curse of what he erroneously imagined would be his magic touch?

And hadn't everything he touched turn into disaster? Forex, Sabah, Senate, the Pandora Box of religion (LKS' condemnation of Mahathir's 617 and 929 Declarations), crooked bridge, etc etc etc, even his beloved NEP ended up with him (not someone else) criticizing his UMNO people for continuing to lean on crutches.

But alas, unlike King Midas, King Minus Mahathir is not repentant. He doesn't believe in the curse he has in his hands, changing every everything he touched into disaster, even and especially for those he favours.

But let's return to Gobind Rudra's proposal to reform the Senate. Gobind spoilt a serious proposal, for a start, by his rants against Singapore (which I have to admit I have not been too fond of, wakakaka, though only against the late LKY, wakakaka).

Mind you, Gobind Rudra's rant against a 85% Chinese-dominated Island State has omitted mention of the Island army chief being another bhai too, wakakaka - not something you will ever see here in Malaysia.

However, Gobind behaved in an irrational angry manner, a behaviour which incidentally he had accused Karpal Singh of, when he wrote:

Karpal seeks to destroy what would be an institution that could strengthen democracy and the people’s interests. He is disgusted that P Waythamoorthy was made a deputy minister. So he says close down the the Senate.

But didn’t the DAP appoint Tunku Aziz Ibrahim as senator? And when he was appointed, didn't the DAP trumpet the fact that he was the first DAP senator?

Yes indeed, DAP did appoint Tunku Aziz to the Senate as allowed by the Constitution, BUT NOT into the cabinet via the Senate 'back door'.

That has been the fundamental difference which unfortunately Gobind, in his anger against Karpal Singh wakakaka, failed to distinguish. Thus, Tunku Aziz was NOT a 'back door' appointment.

Then strangely for someone who claimed to speak for the rakyat, Gobind cast his anger at the Dewan Rakyat in saying:

Karpal’s suggestion for only one house, of a Parliament consisting only of the Dewan Rakyat, is a disguised appeal for the supremacy of parties and politicians, instead of the supremacy of the people.

For a start, to argue that the Dewan Rakyat is not an expression of the supremacy of the rakyat shows his somewhat confused understanding of parliamentary democracy, warts and all.

Additionally, he failed to explain how a Dewan Senate would be different from a Dewan Rakyat in terms of politicians and political parties, other than a few rep of minorities may be there.

He was talking as if his reformed Dewan Senate would be completely divorced from the Malaysian political sphere. What was he smoking?

Or, was he prejudiced against the Dewan Rakyat because there hasn't been 'someone' in the lower house of parliament he wanted to see?

But nonetheless let us examine what he had offered:

What Malaysia needs is a reformed Senate as well as a reformed government and reformed politicians who believe in the principles of democracy and will uphold them. One of those principles is representation of the people. Another is separation of powers. And another is check and balance.

Okay, no problem, though all mentioned have been motherhood statements thus far, but alas, nothing enlightening. Let's read on.

A reformed Senate, if given due respect from reformed politicians and a principled government, would provide a check and balance against a house of MPs who believe their word should be law merely because they were successful in conning an unthinking and gullible rabble into voting for them.

Again, a motherhood statement with a wee patronizing rant at the hoi polloi lowly simple-minded voters at the end wakakaka, though I did question (at that time) his particular rant against the Dewan Rakyat as not being the law maker. 

My dear Bhai, they (Dewan Rakyat) are or were the legislative arm of parliament, and if they are/were not the law-makers, who are?

I'm getting worried about his understanding of parliamentary democracy.

A reformed Senate would give voice to ethnic minorities, like Aborigines, Thais, etc, as they would probably be sidelined by the political process. Also the Senate should allow all minor religions to be represented.

In Muslim (Sunni) majority Malaysia, it's essential that the Shias, Buddhists, Christians, Taoists, Hindus, Ba'hais, followers of folk religions and animists including followers of native religions, be given a voice.

Maybe technocrats could be appointed to represent industries and trades.

Some good points but I have a few questions for him:

(a) who, apart from ethnic minorities like the Aborigines and other (East Malaysian) natives, are those 'sidelined by the political process'? OK, I can name one, the Thais.

(b) but who is an ethnic minority? How would we define an ethnic minority in Malaysia? One with less than 3, 2, 1 or x % of the Malaysian population? Or perhaps one with less than 8%, wakakaka.

(c) what did he mean by 'those who cannot, or will not, take part in the dirty business of winning votes'? Is he advocating a departure from the (his) 'dirty business' of democratic elections?

Is he suggesting imperious (note: not imperial) appointments instead of the choice/voice of the people?

I gathered Gobind Rudra hasn't been exactly a man in favour of democratic elections, sneering at it as 'dirty business', but I suspected then, only because those he supported couldn't get elected into Parliament, wakakaka.

A reformed Senate would have direct or indirect elections (the latter the current practice) for people to represent the 14 states, but I prefer the former.

Importantly it should provide for royal appointment, by which minorities (in race and religion) could have a voice.

But then I had obtained the sense he was a Hindraf sympathizer or even a member who wanted a SARSIwakakaka.

He wanted an upper house as a place for unpolitical debate, for a calm rethink of what the rowdy politicians in the other place demand.

But unpolitical debate? There is no such animal when one deals with issues pertaining to, or involving parliament, to wit, its lower and upper houses, the states or governments, in defining policies and legislations of any state. All these are political. He was a totally clueless person on the political process.

As for his rowdy politician, well, what could I say except wakakaka.

I had hoped someone would propose a Senate based on the powerful Australian version, to make amends for King Minus Mahathir's mutilation of it. But I doubt it'll occur in the next 20 years.

New post at Kongsamkok

Last night I posted The Cabinet of Curiosities - Part 5 over at my other blog KTemoc Kongsamkok. It concluded my 5-part story about a part of my kiddie days.

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Religious issues - don't build up on those

Prior to 1980, St Joseph's Chapel along Jalan Saujana Impian in Kajang was built to cater to the spiritual needs of the Catholic estate workers at the Brehma Estate.

above not St Joseph's church
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pagar Tras, Sg Lembu, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

But subsequently Brehma Estate was closed down, with the area given to developments of other kinds. The workers of course left and naturally the church fell into disuse with most of the structure crumbling over time.

Some portions or parts of its chapel remained as a derelict building, in ruins, which was deemed as an illegal structure on a road reserve connected with the developments.

So the chapel had to be removed, and the Selangor State government wisely discussed the matter in early 2016 with the Catholic Church in the very person of the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, namely the Most Reverend Julian Leow, the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), and local authorities who all agreed to the chapel's demolition.

MM Online reported: Yesterday, the archbishop noted that there were reports of attempts by individuals to stop the demolition works and appealed to them “to respect the lawful right of the council to carry out their duty and to remind everyone that the decision to demolish the unused chapel was made after due process was followed”.

Not only that, or perhaps connected to it (I really don't know), the MCA in the person of Ng Chok Sin (as reported also by the same Malay Mail), who is MCA religious harmony bureau deputy chairman and MCA Selangor secretary, had among other things criticised the planned demolition works of the chapel remains and questioned PKR president and Kajang state assemblyman Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail in relation to the matter.

Obviously Ng has ballsed it up in his over-eagerness in making unfounded accusations, not realizing the demolition of the ruined chapel had the prior approval of the Catholic Church and all sectors connected. He erred in believing he has achieved a religious char-koay-teow, wakakaka.

abandoned church
Kirkmichael, Perthshire, Scotland

But now DAP MP Dr Ong Kian Ming (my good matey) wants Ng Chok Sin to apologize to all and sundry for his gross mistake.

I call upon the DAP and MCA, and indeed if they are also listening in, the Gerakan and Hindraf (wakakaka), not to misuse and abuse the item of religion to make political waves for parochial interests.

Ng Chok Sin has f**ked it up, now Ong Kian Ming adds on to the religious-tainted debris, wakakaka.

But please lah, both DAP and MCA - leave religious issues to Islam and the Muslims, like PAS, UMNO and PKR and Islamic NGOs such as Perkasa, Isma, ulama, etc etc etc, to do a song and dance each and every  time a religious issue or anything connected even faintly with Islam (in their narrow perceptions and self-interest driven motivations), .....

..... issues like tight jeans, uncovered hair in non-Muslim salons, unisex hair salons, uncovered hands in posters advertising wristwatches, koe-tai (now that it's the month of the Hungry Ghosts, we'll hear more about koe-tai), dogs (but cats are OK), bonking on the back of a camel (what about kerbau?), Selena Gomez's shows or more likely her tits, Christian bibles, Namawee YouTube videos allegedly insulting Islam, Cadbury chocolate bars, Kassim Ahmad, and whatever else those clerics will think up from time to time. 

Non-Muslim Chinese Malaysians, be they Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Ba'hais, Pagans (of Chinese folk religion(s), wakakaka) etc, should refrain from such silly exploitation of their religions in politics.

abandoned temple, Ipoh

photo by the ancientnomad blog

other abandoned temples relate to preserved ruins in Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Borobudur in Java, Ayutthaya in Thailand, etc 

It's already bad enough for the Muslim side to make mucho noise, wild accusations, silly allegations and nonsensical brouhaha, which to our dismay but to Muslim clerics' delights, we get to hear, experience and suffer from quite regularly.

The non-Muslims should not add on to the unnecessary religious hullaballoo.

Chicken home to roost for Mahathir

The most famous line of Erich Segal's 'Love Story' has been 'Love means never having to say you're sorry', which was then immortalised in a 1970 film adaptation of that novel.

So, with that line, does the MM Online news story on 25 Aug 2016 ― Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad apologised today for amending the Federal Constitution by removing the need for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s signature and approval in lawmaking - mean that Mahathir did/does NOT love his King and Constitution, to wit, Malaysia?

Back in 1994 when Mahathir was 'Emperor' of Malaysia, meaning he didn't give a f**k about mere lowly kings and sultans, his government passed amendments in parliament to the constitution (Article 66(4a)) to allow any bill that has been passed by the Parliament to become law within 30 days, regardless of whether the Agong gives his assent.

Thus this has today allowed PM Najib Razak to pass the NSC Bill to become law, namely, on June 7 this year despite not obtaining express royal assent, after the 30-day period by which the King would have to give his assent, had passed.

The NSC Bill provides for the establishment of the NSC, the declaration of security areas, and other related matters.

At that time, that was, back in 1994, many Malaysians saw Mahathir as a hero, a 'royal dentist', who had removed the unpleasant fangs of some unpleasant royalty who became unpleasant bullies and unpleasant abusers of ordinary pleasant but helpless citizens (also, as a Kedahan he knows the story of Raja Bersiong only too well, wakakaka).

Raja Bersiong
bloke was a Kedahan or a Thai military man, wakakaka

Those happy Malaysians didn't realize the deeper Constitutional significance of Mahathir's move against the royalty, or they would not have been so happy.

What is the point of Mahathir now saying sorry for a drastic irreversible act when he had already done it. No one in government will ever propose for that amendment to be rescinded, indeed no one , not even Mukhriz Mahathir or Azmin Ali or Ahmad Zahid or whoever.

By the by, there is an ancient biblical saying in Galatians (6:7 - 8) which talks about god's justice (god's justice? wakakakaka):

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  
For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

In other words, you can't blame god for your own evil - you'd reap it.

So, apart from you being evil, god is completely blameless, and never ever responsible for any untoward occurrences (like, say, a tsunami which killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, or the recent earthquake in Italy which has done likewise), save those acts of nature which are praiseworthy (like a beautiful sunrise, glorious sunset, a wondrous butterfly, a rainbow, etc), wakakaka.

But I have to say that de-fanging royalty would in general be good - eg. just look at what HRH did to Pakatan in 2014 when he approved Azmin Ali as the Selangor State's MB when the ruling coalition had presented a different candidate, Wan Azizah - was that constitutional? And what about what had happened in Perak in 2009?

While we should love and respect our king and sultans and heads of states, we should NOT allow them to do as they please, unless their acts are within the Constitution. They are merely constitutional heads of states, whether that be in Selangor, Perak, Terengganu or Johor.

Yes, Mahathir did a good thing in 1994 but now, because of his inner evil intent, he has admitted he shouldn't, which in turn means he did NOT give a f**k about citizens' rights in 1994, but was far more interested in the Constitutional 'hole' he wanted to and did create.

In 1390, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in The Parson's Tale (in olde English):

And ofte tyme swich cursynge wrongfully retorneth agayn to hym that curseth, as a bryd that retorneth agayn to his owene nest.

Four hundred years later, in The Curse of Kehama, 1810 the allusion was made clearer in modern English as follows:

Curses are like young chicken: they always come home to roost.

In other words, 'as you sow, so  shall you reap' or 'the chickens have come home to roost', Mr Mahathir.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Laut Natuna? Podah

 | August 25, 2016
Penukaran nama itu tidak akan memberi sebarang kesan ekonomi kepada negara merah putih itu, kata pakar geostrategi.
Dr Azmi Hassan
PETALING JAYA: Indonesia sepatutnya memikirkan perasaan negara jiran termasuk Malaysia apabila republik itu bercadang untuk menukar nama Laut China Selatan kepada Laut Natuna, kata Pakar Geostrategi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Dr Azmi Hassan.

Beliau berkata penukaran nama Laut China Selatan yang laluannya dikongsi kebanyakan negara Asean berkenaan juga tidak akan memberi sebarang kesan ekonomi kepada negara merah putih itu.

Pada zaman dahulu, dimasa Bung Karno (President Bapa Soekarno), Pemerintahan Indonesia telah menukar nama 'Indian Ocean' kepada 'Samudera Indonesia', wakakaka.

Dan mereka langsung tidak peduli perasaan orang2 India (Hindu), Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaya maupun keseluruhan dunia, wakakaka.

Kebetulan pada saat tersebut, rakyat Indonesia tidak ada apa2 pun untuk dimakan (ubi kayu pun ta'ada), maka mereka tidak menyadari apa yang berlaku. Maka namanya Samudera India atau Samudera Indonesia, pada pokoknya, perut2 rakyat Indonesia masih tetap kosong.

Maka penukaran syiok sendiri Indonesia ini seperti yang di sarankan olih Pemerintahan Indonesia sekarang adalah biasa sahaja, wakakaka.

Kaytee berpendapat Laut China Selatan lebih baik dinamakan sebagai 'Samudera Podah', suatu panggilan atau nama laut tersebut yang sesuai dengan perasaan orang2 wilayah2 tempatan terhadap kegiatan2 negara China dilaut ini, wakakaka.