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Crying Wolf in Kingdom of God

The Malaysian Insight - Muslim groups cry foul over ‘seditious’ Christian video, DAP leaders again (extracts):

Some 15 Muslim groups in Penang cried foul today over a three-year-old video and article on Christianity, alleging it was the work of extreme Christian evangelists out to incite people to invade and take over the country. [...]

The Muslim groups, led by a Mohd Hafiz Kassim, said the seven-minute video contained messages like "prepare for the war".

He then took aim at Selangor state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh, who had urged the Oversea Church Fellows (OCF) to go to Penang to help the Christian movement because it was a calling from God, in her book "Becoming Hannah".

Mohd Hafiz also targeted DAP's senator and vice-president Ariffin Omar, who was accused of supporting the setting up of a Christian city in Penang, a Pakatan Harapan-controlled state.

Mohamed Hafiz said the report also mentioned Yeoh since earlier reports lodged in Selangor against her over her book had not resulted in any action.

He said her book, which he claimed was spreading Christianity openly, was sold in the market, which should not have been allowed.

"She called Christians to come back and build the Kingdom of God. What is that Kingdom of God? Whose God? She should stop. The authorities should take stern action.

"We are not Muslims who are against Christianity. But they cannot propagate to Muslims, or talk in public about their religion to attract followers. The constitution prohibits it.

Just like beer, Hannah Yeoh's book need NOT be read by Muslims as it's not meant for them. But if read, then those Muslims could be academics, the curious or the less than faithful to Islam.

Incidentally, the English word 'propagate' means 'spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely' so let me ask, was Hannah Yeoh spreading and promoting her religious ideas and ideals. Her book is no more than a book as in Kassim Ahmad's Hadis or Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, wakakaka.

Yes, WTF then can these 15 Muslim groups in Penang do when the Malaysian government has long approved the publication of Hannah Yeoh's book?

After all, books on Islam and Muslim practices are also sold in Malaysia, and what would these ulamaks do if non-Muslims touch them with their filthy infidel hands or worse, read them?

It's preposterous to suggest that the Pakatan people or the DAP people, the majority of whom are Buddhists or Hindus would countenance the setting up of a Christian city in Penang.

Christianity has existed for nearly a quarter of a century millennium in Penang yet that religion has not made much headway among the Penangites, most of whom are devout Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists and Confucianists, and yes, some atheists, wakakaka.

The first to object to any alleged Christian or Hannah Yeoh's Kingdom of God would be the Buddhist and Hindu Penangites and indeed atheists.

Then the silly group accused poor Hannah Yeoh of calling Christians "........ to come back and build the Kingdom of God. What is that Kingdom of God? Whose God? She should stop. The authorities should take stern action."

The 'Kingdom of God' is just a metaphorical allusion to the Christian God as King, Judge and be-all who will eventually judge his subjects (Christians only, wakakaka). But it's said God has assigned the judging to his son Jesus.

It has just an intuitive meaning or significance to Christians, just like the mysterious Kingdom of Gunung Ledang has to Malays, wakakaka.

Since the early days of the Christian Church the Christian saw the Kingdom of God as variously:

(a) that of Jesus himself representing the Kingdom (to wit, a la the common saying "if the kingdom is separated from Jesus, it is no longer the kingdom of God which he revealed"),

(b) representing the hearts and minds of the faithful captured by the love of God and the pursuit of Christian teachings,

(c) representing the Christian Church composed of the faithful.

The Penang Muslim group in accusing Hannah Yeoh has shown utter idiocy but probably pre-election 'gnang' (wakakaka) in crying 'wolf'.

F**k Beer, but STOP dictating our lifestyles according to your religious beliefs

MM Online - Stand up to bigotry, ex-Treasury sec-gen tells KL mayor (extracts):

Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim 

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 -- Former Treasury secretary-general Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim urged the Kuala Lumpur mayor today to defend the city’s cultural and entertainment life from racial and religious bigotry.

Expressing concern over Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) ban of a beer festival in a shopping centre following objections from Islamist party PAS, Mohd Sheriff said bending to pressure groups and cancelling music and cultural festivals last minute would affect the capital city’s economy.

“It is worrying to see that the DBKL is giving support to the anti-social elements who want to dictate our lifestyles according to their religious beliefs,” Mohd Sheriff said in a letter to the editor.

“We are seeing political and religious groups making demands for Muslims to be treated separately from other Malaysians at public laundry shops and toilets, at supermarkets, at cinemas and for liquor sales to be outlawed in majority Muslim residential areas. The DBKL ban on beer festival has encouraged these groups to be more brazen in their demand,” he added.

The issue of drinking beer per se is not the issue, but it's what Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim has succinctly pointed out, to wit, '... anti-social elements who want to dictate our lifestyles according to their religious beliefs.'

Yup, those arsehole-y anti-social elements want to shaft their beliefs and practices down our throats.

In the meantime, Azmin Ali, MB of a dodgy teetering state government which is being held together by slime, saliva, & semen, has been reported by The Malaysian Insight as saying in political-bullspeak with regards to The Better Beer Festival, as follows:

The organiser of the Better Beer Festival must comply with all regulations set by local authorities if it intends to relocate the event venue to Selangor, said Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali.

He said the state government's stand was to respect the customs and cultures of all the races that formed the Malaysian population.

Nevertheless, he said, the law must be obeyed.
"We (the state government) respect and preserve the rights of minorities, but we must abide by laws"

... but without elaborating which and what law, wakakaka, and the way he said "Nevertheless, he said, the law must be obeyedWe (the state government) respect and preserve the rights of minorities, but we must abide by laws" seems to imply the Better Beer Festival organisers won't want or won't be able to comply with whatever law in Selangor that Azmin has in mind, wakakaka.

But we may guess intelligently by referring to his fellow PKR-ista, Amidi Abdul Manan, deputy chairman of PKR’s religious strengthening and understanding bureau (Bippa or Biro Pemahaman dan Pemantapan Agama), who declared Beer festivals in Malaysia (not just KL or Selangor) should not be approved and the Better Beer Festival 2017 should have been thwarted from the very beginning.

Aiseh, Ustaz Amidi Abdul Manan, PAS would be proud of you.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong
son of the redoubtable late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon

PKR members who support the beer festival like Wangsa Maju MP Dr Tan Kee Kong would be, in best case scenario, ignored by their party, wakakaka. And I leave you to imagine the worst case scenario.

Last week, Nottingham University’s Prof Zaharom Nain lambasted Amanah MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud’s objections to the beer festival, said it was truly idiotic for anyone to even suggest consumption of beers at The Better Beer Festival will lead to alcoholic addiction.

In other words, she was either a moron for all the academic credentials she has or she had bullshitted, wakakaka.

Prof Zaharom Nain and 'the truly idiotic', wakakaka 

Prof Zaharom Nain said:

“Show us evidence when you make such assertions."

“Religious fervour is religious fervour, but don’t make idiots out of yourselves, please."

“Also, nobody’s forcing you to (drink), as it is a ‘sin’. So, don’t force others to do your bidding."

“Finally, health grounds? Eating like a pig at kenduris is also unhealthy. And check out the health benefits of wine, for example.”

Wakakaka, Eating like a pig at kenduris is also unhealthy. And check out the health benefits of wine, for example.”

Yes, wine (especially red wine) contains antioxidant which helps to prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and macular degeneration.

Again, Professor Zaharom Nain pointed out the real reason for non-Muslims objections to DBKL banning of The Better Beer Festival due to pressure from PAS' objections, namely, for ultra conservative Muslims in Malaysia not to force non-Muslims to do their bidding.

What next? Pork? Our religions (already f**ked kau kau in Perlis)? Our laundry facilities?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Muar takes a further step in Muslim cleaniless

Good news in Muar.

Launderette for Muslim-use only now available.

Now the Muslims can be assured their clothing to be washed won't be contaminated with dog fur (launderette not responsible for cat fur), porcine elements such as DNA (launderette not responsible for bovine elements such as DNA) and alcoholic traces (launderette not responsible for semen traces).

However, non-Malay money seems quite clean as JAKIM annual budget is RM1 Billion and there's no proof yet it's all Muslim money.

For more, read Star Online's Muar launderette adopts Muslims-only policy.


From Malaysiakini's Not of Keralan descent, yet father of Indian development:

"Even though my father, grandfather are not from Kerala, I am called the father of Indian community development"


Today MM Online publishes Najib says stood ground in appointing Indian Customs director-general much against the objections of a Malay NGO which wrote a letter of appeal to HM the Agong to make Zulkifli Yahya the Custom DG instead of the by-far more senior Subromaniam Tholasy.

Subromaniam Tholasy 

Extracts of MM Online article: ... the Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) had allegedly submitted a memorandum to the Yang diPertuan Agong calling for a Malay candidate, the current Customs deputy director-general Datuk Zulkifli Yahya, succeed Khazali.

kaytee's note: How the f**k does such a racist organisation dare include the word 'Humanitarian' in its NGO moniker?

The alleged memorandum sighted by Malay Mail Online and dated March 20, 2017 stated that MHO preferred Zulkifli as he was Malay, Kelantanese and would be the best candidate when it came to protecting the interests of Malays and Muslims in Malaysia.

The memorandum added that Zulkifli’s appointment would also “indirectly” ensure that the Islamic agenda within the Customs Department would be preserved.

The group denied sending the memorandum to the Agong.

Shortly after the denial, Istana Negara confirmed receiving the document from the MHO, but declined to comment on its contents.

Thus Istana Negara proved the so-called Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) has been not only racist, but also a coward, lying to the end in denying it wrote that letter of objection.

And the worst of the lot, MHO attempted to appeal provincially in the ultimate shameful narrowest sense to HM the Agong that their preferred candidate is a Kelantanese. What a bunch of bigots. Insha'Allah Tuanku ignored them.

But Malaysia surely has many Bapa's, wakakaka, but with many truly deserving of the honorific title, as follows:

Tunku Abdul Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan

Tun Razak Hussein - Bapa Pembangunan

Tun Hussein Onn - Bapa Perpaduan

Tun Mahathir Mohamad - Bapa Permodenan dan Forex, Maminco, Proton, Perwaja and lain2

his best matey, wakakaka 

Tun Ahmad Abdullah Badawi - Bapa Pembangunan Modal Insan

Najib Razak - Bapa Transformasi Malaysia dan juga Pembangunan Anak Hindu

eat your hearts out Waytha, wakakaka 

A joke to talk about fire drills

Lyana Khairuddin from Star Online wrote Safety is our top priority, selected extracts of which follows:


We all have a role to play in preventing fires and should know what to do when a fire breaks out. 

My excitement over leaving for Oxford the past week was marred by two incidents: first, the Parsons Green tube explosion and secondly, closer to home, the fire that ravaged the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah tahfiz school in Datuk Keramat.

The former alerted me to be more aware of safety when living in Britain with the possible exposure to terror attacks, while the latter just frustrated me to no end with our lackadaisical attitude when it comes to safety.

Last I checked, the Malaysian social media furore has conveniently moved on to beer festivals from the outrage surrounding the tahfiz fire. We are indeed a society with short-term memories, where tragedies and outrage only serve selfish, fleeting purposes of status updates on social media.

While police investigations pointed to an arson attack as the cause of the tahfiz tragedy, the bigger issue of safety seems to be swept under the carpet.

Safety should be paramount, especially if this involves minors, with sustained discourse surrounding the issue to be followed by assertive public pressure on authorities to implement stricter regulations.

There are two prongs to steer the discourse on this issue. First, policy implementation and regulations on fire safety; second, educating the public on fire safety.

Regardless of the possible cause(s) of fire – short circuit, accident or arson – there should be fire drills regularly carried out by building management, in addition to structural safety measures, including multiple exit points in any building, to minimise casualties.

Lyana said it all, to wit, we as a society including the powers that be, are focusing on the alleged arson instead of holding the tahfiz school authorities especially its arrogant school principal to account.

Yesterday Muhammad Zahid Mahmood, the tahfiz school principal, virtually barked at the 21 victims' parents when he heard they were engaging a lawyer to demand some truths about the tragedy which killed their children.

Face of sheer Arrogance even to parents of children killed at his school - he did not even bother to meet them for 10 days after the children perished at his tahfiz school

He argued that they should contact him first to discuss the issue instead of engaging a lawyer. But he failed to explained why for 10 f**k-ing days after the tragedy, he hadn't even bothered to talk to any of the suffering parents about their children who perished in his school.

His arrogance and callousness was shown when he demanded to know why the parents are now asking about fire safety when it was not a matter that bothered them before. He has the f**k-ing nerve and cold heartedness to ask such a moronic question.

That arrogant bastard failed to realise that before there was a very reasonable presumption by the parents of safety in the school which was why they entrusted their children and the children's assumed safety to the bloody callous cruel and cruel-hearted principal.

When the fire killed those children, and prior to his realisation that some higher ups were backing his awful criminal negligence, he was virtually on his knees and crying out t'was God's will (conveniently blaming God for the tragedy) and then preposterously saying the 21 children who perished in horrendous circumstances were mati-syahid.

Now that he is aware of 'solid' backing and the convenient group of alleged loitering 'arsonists', who might yet get him off the hook as a rat did so in JB for another questionable tahfiz school, he has become extremely aggressive, agitated and arrogant, barking back that his tahfiz had never charged the parents fees.

As if that alone (no fees being charged) would be acceptable reason for the horrible death of 21 children, it nonetheless show that the school principal has not one shred of sadness, regret or repentance for someone's children being killed in his school.

He reckons that now no one can touch him, and sadly he is probably correct as in Malaysia this type of callous c**t is teflonised, and thus untouchable and unquestionable.

Thus I fear Lyana Khairuddin's question about such tahfiz schools holding periodic 'fire -drills' or 'evacuation drills' for tahfiz schools may have to remain a fantasied dream when these schools haven't even complied with mandatory safety regulations or occupation certificatea.

As for Lyana's other query that the bigger issue of safety seems to be swept under the carpet that's a Malaysia-Boleh norm when it comes to some entities that are and have to be held as beyond reproach.

This is especially so with those associated with religion such as the NRD, a public body, appealing to the courts on an issue beyond its bailiwick, that of registering-labelling babies as 'bastards', or JAKIM issuing fatwas when it does NOT have the power to do so except in relation to issuing halal certification.

Note: Jakim is not a state religious body, and its DG does not have the status of a mufti, and thus is in no authoritative position nor jurisdiction to advise or to warn anyone regarding the rules of raising pet dogs.

And f**k-ing JAKIM annually makan-telan RM1 Billion of taxpayers' money.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

There's flooding and there's flooding

Malaysiakini - Kedah flash flood victims rise to 1,000, Perlis water supply hit (extracts):

The number of flood victims in Kedah has risen to 1,060 as of this morning.

They are being sheltered at 13 evacuation centres.

In a statement today, the State Disaster Management Department said the centres were located in the districts of Kuala Muda, Kota Setar, Kubang Pasu, Pokok Sena and Pendang.


Meanwhile in Perlis, residents in six areas have been advised to consume water sparingly following supply disruption since 5pm yesterday.

Syarikat Air Perlis in a statement said the disruption was caused by flood waters that inundated the pump house at the water treatment plant at Timah Tasoh Dam in Beseri near Padang Besar.

The affected areas are Beseri, Titi Tinggi, Padang Besar, Kaki Bukit, Bintong, Kangar and its surroundings.

Humongous deafening silence! But wait, I heard a big yaaaaaaaawn.


Not in Pakatan (DAP-led) states. Not interested.

Another Indian Party

Even though the Minorities Rights Action Party (Mira) has been transformed from the former NewGen Party, which purported to champion the rights of all ethnic minorities, it is essentially an Indian party.

Rajaretinam Armuggan - chairperson Mira 

It wants to ally itself with Pakatan Harapan, promising to deliver the Indian votes in constituencies such as Cameron Highland, Kulim-Bandar, Lembah Pantai, etc.

Mind, MIRA has cleverly said it's not asking for any seats, not that it could get any, wakakaka.

Waythamoorthy - Hindraf
once a BN deputy minister but now ...?

I wonder who is representing the Indian Malaysians - MIC, IPF, Hindraf, HRP, Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), MIUP, PSM, MIRA etc but of course whichever it is, the political party with the most number of Indian representatives is the DAP which has been accused of being a Chinese-based party.

The DAP has a total of 21 Indian MP, ADUN including a Deputy CM, and a Senator, a number which far exceed those in MIC, wakakaka. Perhaps, based on numbers of Indian representatives, the DAP is the true Indian party, wakakaka.

Dr Ramasamy (DAP) - DCM II Penang 

Mind, the political party which Indians should steer clear of is PKR, an extremely dangerous place for Indian politicians wakakaka - don't believe me, ask Nallakaruppan, Gobi, Manickavasagam etc etc etc, and soon (if they're not too careful) Surendran, Sivarasa and Xavier Kumar, wakakakak again.

dei Zahid, what are you complaining about - after all you admitted to sleeping with an Indian before


Arrogance backed by not so-divine Jakim & Perak-ish fatwa?

From MM Online (02 May 2017):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 2 ― A Johor religious school said it did not have to entertain public outrage on the internet over a student’s beating by an assistant warden that allegedly resulted in the amputation of his legs and death.


The management of Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Jauhar (MTAJ), a school based in Kota Tinggi that teaches memorisation of the Quran, also said the word “abuse” might not accurately depict the situation.

“MTAJ does not have to entertain netizens who are too full of suspicion because 97 per cent of them have never dealt with MTAJ and are only talking and writing based on perceptions and sentiments that have been played up,” MTAJ management said on its Facebook page yesterday.

From The Malaysian Insight (23 September 2017):

WHY ask now about fire safety when it was not a matter that bothered the parents before, says the principal of the tahfiz school which suffered a fire tragedy last week, in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.


Muhammad Zahid Mahmood said this in response to the stink the families of the pupils are raising over the safety of the building, in which 21 pupils and two teachers were killed in a blaze last week.

The principal,said the issue of the school's safety did not crop up when the parents sent their children to study at Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah.

Read MM Online's:

By the grace of god & some of His creations.

From Malaysiakini today:

Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah tahfiz school principal Mohd Zahid Mahmood said fire investigators had helped restore the good game of his institution.

"Prior to this, we were criticised and had various allegations thrown at us. In fact, the school was a target for ostensibly not prioritising security aspects.

"I am not angry and I accept it all because I know God will help us.

Thanks God.

Earlier (11 July 2017) from Berita Harian:

Madrasah Tahfiz al-Jauhar (MTAJ) hari ini, menganggap kes kematian Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi selesai susulan laporan perubatan dikeluarkan Kementerian Kesihatan semalam.

Pengetuanya, Mohammad Afdhaluddin Ismail, berkata berasaskan laporan itu ia mengesahkan tiada kes penderaan yang berlaku di MTAJ.

Katanya, pengurusan MTAJ juga menegaskan pihaknya berpuas hati dengan kenyataan semua yang terbabit atas kerjasama yang diberikan selama siasatan kes berkenaan dijalankan.

"Kami di MTAJ bersyukur kerana kes ini boleh dianggap selesai selepas kenyataan perubatan ini dikeluarkan dan menunjukkan kebenarannya. Pada masa sama kami menzahirkan kesedihan atas penyakit yang menimpa Allahyarham Mohamad Thaqif.

Thanks God.

'God provides' to irresponsible people?

10 days ago, on 14 September 2017, 21 school children with ages ranging from a mere 7 to 17 perished horribly in a fire outbreak at the Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah.

During all these time, the tahfiz school principal Mohammad Zahid Mahmood did NOT see fit to even meet and talk with the parents of those 21 school children.

21 of people's children died horrendously at his school, and yet for 10 whole days he did NOT bother to see those parents at all.

Now that some broken-hearted parents have engaged a lawyer to demand some truth from the school administration, mind you NOT to even sue the school but to just demand the truth about the fatal fire outbreak, school principal Zahid Mahmood has started to tok-kok, saying the families and kin of victims of the horrendous school fire should discuss with the school management before taking any action.

10 whole f**k-ing days he did nothing - now he's telling those parents not to do anything before speaking to him.

And what f**ling action did those take other than to only want the truth which the school principal had not even care to provide, talk to and console them let alone tell the truth.

All that f**k-er did was to acclaim their poor lil' children died by the will of Allah swt to become mati-syahid.

He bull-ed that he or the school was unable to meet the parents due to time constraints during the 10 days since the fire killed those children.

Presumably in his cockroach mind, his constraints by time obviate the need to explain to parents why their children, entrusted to him for boarding & education, were burnt horribly to death, yes, 10 days ago at his unsafe premise.

Time constraints my bloody foot?

Thus, faced with the demand for truth, he now makes pathetic excuses.

Can you trust your precious children with such a callous contemptible
 cruel-hearted man?

Meanwhile in Penang, Mohd Yusni Mat Piah, the information chief of PAS Penang, ranted against Abdul Malik Abul Kassim (PKR), the Pakatan-led religious affairs committee chairman, for declaring that the state government would take strict action against tahfiz schools that ignored safety protocol, including cancelling their permits and closing down the centres.

Yes, PAS is angry that the state government has the bloody nerve to close down tahfiz schools that ignored safety protocol.

To him, f**k the safety protocol. The tahfiz schools, no matter how unsafe they are, must not be closed down at all.

FMT reported: At a separate press conference before PAS’ statement was issued yesterday, Malik said the state government had no plans to close down tahfiz schools, and was merely advising operators to follow the law.

“Our mission here is to help these schools reach the highest safety standards possible. We will engage these operators to rectify problems as they occur,” he said.

Malik said there would be “no compromise” on tahfiz operators who ignored safety standards if they refused to heed the advice given.

Currently, he said, there were 67 tahfiz schools in the state including 20 unregistered centres.

Malik said the Penang government would also consider beefing up existing state laws to punish tahfiz school operators that flouted basic safety and building laws.

He said with the powers vested under the Control of Islamic Religious Schools Enactment (Penang) 1989, it currently had the authority to deregister schools which were found to be unsafe.

Malik said he was also shocked to hear that some tahfiz schools invited to attend fire safety programmes by the fire department did not show much interest.

He gave the example of a two-day programme held at the Perai fire station on Aug 8 and 9, which was only attended by 25 tahfiz schools although 50 had been invited.

Likewise, a northern region programme held by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) in Alor Setar on Sept 13 and 14 was only attended by 18 of the 36 schools that had been invited.

Somehow Mohd Yusni Mat Piah, the PAS info-chief, gives me the impression he doesn't care two f**ks about safety as probably in his kutu-infested mind, Allah swt will take care of such silly things.

That presumption about a tidakapa attitude among tahfiz schools was seen manifested in only 50% of tahfiz schools attending a two-day programme held at the Perai fire station last month.

As I once heard a Christian evangelist tell me glibly why he could support himself without a job: 'God provides'

He forgot to add that the compulsory Christian version of zakat kept him fed, clothed, boarded and with pocket-money. What an arse-hole.

some churches (eg. in Scandinavia) levy tithe as much as 50% of monthly income 

What causes polarisation of Malaysians?

Zan Azlee of Malaysiakini penned Would Malays contribute to building non-Muslim houses of worship? (extracts):

zan azlee 

So when the best advice that can be dished out to create a happy country is for its people to tolerate each other, then we are in deep trouble. It means that we just pretend to accept each other when deep down, we hate each other.

That shouldn’t be a basis of how citizens of a country are supposed to get along with each other. Instead of tolerating each other, what we really need to do is to understand and accept each other the way we are.

I look at Malaysians today and realise that we are quite polarised racially and religiously. And it seems that polarisation is actually between the Malays and the non-Malays. However, between the different non-Malay ethnicities, there seem to be no problems.

I wonder quite often how all this came to be and the only answer that creeps into my head is the fact that the Malays seem to feel such a ridiculously strong sense of entitlement that makes them just disregard everyone else.

The Malays feel like they have more rights than anyone else and they impose on others. Take for example when it comes to the fasting month. They expect everyone else to respect them for fasting that no one can even eat in front of them.

Why can’t it be that the Malays respect those who aren’t fasting and let them eat in peace anywhere and anytime they want without being so insecure? Is their belief so weak they can be tempted to break their fast so easily?

Then there is the issue of proselytising. People of faiths other than Islam are not allowed to spread their religion. But the Malays (who by constitutional definition are Muslims) are allowed to spread their religion freely.

I wonder if the Malays still remember the history of our National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur which was built in 1963. It was conceptualised right before Merdeka by our first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and it was to symbolise the country’s freedom and the unity of our people.

The cost of the construction of the building was RM10 million. The government actually received a contribution of RM3 million in aid which was given generously from the different ethnic communities who came from non-Muslim faiths.

It was widely known that the Chinese, Indian, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu communities contributed significantly and willingly towards the building of the mosque. And this history of the mosque is something that fills me with pride and happiness.

This to me indicated how important it was to everyone at that time to foster goodwill, respect and acceptance among fellow Malaysians without paying attention to race, religion or creed. It was a spirit of seeing all Malaysians and Malaysians.

Zan then continued to matters related to the title of his post, to wit, 
Would Malays contribute to building non-Muslim houses of worship?

He provided the answer to his rhetorical question:

In our state of affairs today, do you think we could see a situation where the Malays would willingly and generously contribute towards the building of a church, temple or shrine? I highly doubt so. I can confidently say that no Malay would be caught dead doing so.

It is sad for me to see that the Malays would always expect to non-Malays to respect them and think highly of them as if they are entitled to it, yet they will not grant that same respect to the non-Malays.

Note his qualifying remark, namely, In our state of affairs today.

Zan is absolutely right, though in defence of some Malays, I had once saw with my own two eyes that one of my former Malay bosses gave quite a respectable sum to Hindus for the development of that Indian kuil (temple).

I must also confess I disliked that particular boss but I respected him for his very muhibbah and open-minded Malaysian-ness. Yes, to me he was a bastard but a good bastard, wakakaka.

But Zan is right in that such muhibbah generosity by some Malays were done only 'once upon a time', but alas, no longer in our state of affairs today.

And if I may just add in here, t'was not only the National Mosque which befitted from very generous non-Malay contributions but also the State Mosque of Penang. I know because my uncles and relatives all contributed whole-heartedly to its construction.

But Zan in saying it seems that polarisation is actually between the Malays and the non-Malays. However, between the different non-Malay ethnicities, there seem to be no problems attributed the polarisation to Malays' sense of unique (only Malays') entitlement and thus associated disregard for everyone else's.

I feel there's more than just Malays' sense of unique entitlement (though yes, there's that too), and it's mainly to do with religion.

There has been indoctrination of Malay Muslims to an extent that they feel besieged, believing they're living in a spiritually unclean 'environment' polluted by pork-eating and kuil-worshipping infidels.

To expect donations from such 'pure' Muslims for the constructions of kuils, wats, temples, gurdwaras and churches would be too much of an ask.

And I believe poor Zan will be deeply disappointed in his hope that '... the Malays will always remember the history of the National Mosque because it serves as a reminder and an example of how our forefathers wanted the country to be. We would not be honouring them if we forgot.'

Today the ultra religious Malays are already forsaking their own culture, adat and tradition, as in PAS rejecting the UN's appeal to re-institute the PAS-banned but intangible Malay-Kelantan heritage of Makyong (and wayang kulit as well), in order to become more Arabised.

You would think that will make them more pious in the eyes of Allah swt, as if Allah swt only wants his creations to be Arabs, so what can we expect.

just a fatwa, god, not your commandment